Math and logic are now racist concepts.

I just read about a novel Democrat initiative invading our educational institutions, The Oregon Department of Education is encouraging teachers to register for training that encourages “ethnomathematics” (check out the link, it is real) and they argue, among other things, that white supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer.  I looked at the curriculum guide because I was completely astounded by this and thought is was a joke or satire, and found that my own San Mateo County is also promoting the program. 
They claim, among other things that the following are emblematic of white supremacy and racism and need to be corrected:  focusing on finding the right answer ( I am not kidding), grading practices that are focused on lack of knowledge, addressing mistakes, preferring procedural fluency over conceptual knowledge, and when students are required to show their work. Somebody wake me from this nightmare. These people are teaching our kids to be math idiots.
I am a math junkie so I took the time to watch their introductory lesson  and I learned everything in math is based on white supremacy. Things like getting the right answer is a white supremacist idea, and allowing students to create their own mathematical definitions should be encouraged. AHHHHHHG!   The program is designed to close the gap in STEM learning by many black students. It’s ok if 2+2 = 5. As long as it is established in a collaborative setting because their are no right answers in math, only those defined by white culture. 
The program is based the idea that math is based “on appeasing white logic” and that black learners experience “violent forms of mathematical education”. They must not be aware that modern math is based on an “Arabic” number system that displaced the “white” Roman system, and that other cultures all over the world have been using the same system successfully for centuries. 
Could anything be more racist than compromising the education of young black students by this program, which will prevent them from ever becoming engineers, scientists, pharmacists, financial advisors, much less physicists or mathematicians? I would never drive over a bridge designed by one of these students, or hire one to do a medical study.  Nothing will cause a greater racial disparity in these professional careers than this program, or these educators. They are institutionalizing racism in math as an answer to white supremacy. It is quite obvious they will not come to this conclusion because they have created their own system of logic devoid of deductive reasoning, another product of white supremacy..
How in this universe can math or science be considered racist? Every country in the world uses the same math going back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It is not even a product of the U.S. culture.  I can’t believe I am paying taxes to support this fantasy. Where is Lewis Carroll when you need him?
From the actual curriculum!