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80.44% of people surveyed favor mandatory labels on food containing DNA

Of course almost anything you buy has labels, and food products especially have their ingredients listed. Perhaps this is a trick question or people misunderstand it, or they think it was inappropriately asked. In any case this survey question from the Oklahoma State University Food Demand Survey questions people’s understanding of issues such as GMO product labeling. The lack of science education and scientific understanding can lead to bad public policy swayed by uneducated voters.


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Someone Is Shot In Chicago Every 2.8 Hours 

This year, Chicago is expected to eclipse the 2014 milestone of a shooting every 3.38 hours in 2014 with a total victim count of 2,587.Chicago ranks as one of the most regulated cities in the nation for gun control. Concealed carry is almost nonexistent. To purchase a gun or ammunition requires a Firearm Owners Identification card in the entire state of Illinois, and additionally, a Chicago Firearm Permit – which is required to possess a firearm in Chicago.

Source: Someone Is Shot In Chicago Every 2.8 Hours | The Daily Caller

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Selling homeopathy undermines pharmacists as evidence-based practitioners | Blog

Homeopathic “medicines” (as they are registered by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) are consistently shown to work no better than placebo. The placebo effect is powerful — it can reduce pain and improve mental health. It cannot cure cancer. It cannot vaccinate children against preventable and devastating illnesses. The line between homeopathy and other forms of pseudoscience, such as the anti-vaccination campaign, are blurred.

Source: Selling homeopathy undermines pharmacists as evidence-based practitioners | Blog

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Ben Carson: The World Was Created in 6 Days. Literally. 

Ben Carson, one of the top-tier contenders in the GOP presidential primary, has long been known as an ardent creationist. He has debated prominent scientists who defend evolution, and it’s no secret that his advocacy of creationism springs from his deep faith in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Christian religion established in the mid-1800s. Creationism is a core belief for many Seventh-day Adventists, and one of the religion’s founders, Ellen White, was one of the first purveyors of the notion that the Earth is merely 6,000 years old.

Source: Ben Carson: The World Was Created in 6 Days. Literally. | Mother Jones

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California’s Mega-Drought: Nuclear Power To The Rescue

The only facility in California that does not use any of California’s precious fresh water is the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant which desalinates ocean water for all of its freshwater needs, even running the nuclear reactors. But their desalination plant is only operating at 40% capacity. They can actually produce a million and a half gallons of fresh water a day, and can ramp up quickly to provide the additional 825,000 gallons of freashwater per day to the nearby community. Because the Canyon Diablo nuclear plant produces electricity at only 4¢/kWh, the desalination will cost a fraction of a cent per gallon, cheaper than any other desalination facility.

Source: California’s Mega-Drought: Nuclear Power To The Rescue

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Why New York’s Fracking Ban For Natural Gas Is “Unsustainable” – Forbes

This controversial decision by Governor Cuomo has even fueled secession talk by the southern part of the state that has sat idly by and watched neighbor Pennsylvania enjoy the huge economic benefits of shale development (as such, states like Texas and Oklahoma are banning fracking bans!). Fracking technology, after all, is a proven commodity that has been safely deployed for over 60 years in over a million wells – across the country to great success.

Source: Why New York’s Fracking Ban For Natural Gas Is “Unsustainable” – Forbes

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EPA Fracking Study: Drilling Wins

Finally, the Environmental Protection Agency has admitted what the oil and natural gas industry has been saying for more than 60 years: “Hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water sources.”EPA’s five-year-long study, requested by Congress, examined more than 950 pieces of information, including published papers and technical reports. While finding “potential vulnerabilities, some of which are not unique to hydraulic fracturing,” the report basically pronounces fracking safe.

Source: EPA Fracking Study: Drilling Wins

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CCRKBA Blasts Suggestion That More Gun Control Needed In Baltimore

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today said a White House suggestion that more gun control is one solution to the kind of violence that rocked Baltimore over the holiday weekend in that city’s continuing unrest is “simply ludicrous.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was quoted by various news sources suggesting that stricter gun regulation might be necessary to stem the violence that claimed nine lives last weekend in Baltimore.

“Obviously there’s some common sense things we could do – certainly passage of some gun safety laws in Congress that could keep guns out of the hands of criminals would be one thing that we could do to try to limit the violence,” Earnest reportedly stated.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said the notion that more gun control would solve the problem shows just how out-of-touch with reality the administration is on violent crime. (more…)

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Rahm Emanuel: Epic Failure Of Chicago Gun Control Proves More Gun Control Needed

Following a Memorial Day Weekend during which 12 people shot and killed and 43 more were wounded, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said a large part of the solution to the problem is more gun control.That’s right — gun control is failing miserably and the solution is more gun control…

Were the shooters in these instance law-abiding citizens? Negative. Yet Emanuel’s response is more gun control which only affects law-abiding citizens. For those who ignore the law, more gun control simply means more victims.

Source: Rahm Emanuel: Epic Failure Of Chicago Gun Control Proves More Gun Control Needed

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Seriously: White House Suggests More Gun Control In Strict Baltimore After Bloody Memorial Day Weekend 

There’s just a few problems with that suggestion. Maryland already has strict gun control laws. In fact, it was just two short years ago that new gun control measures were passed through despite overwhelming opposition. …

I guess the criminals just haven’t been paying attention to the new rules and laws…The criminals are armed and unabated, the innocent are defenseless and the police aren’t around. That’s the problem, not a lack of gun control in the state of Maryland or the city of Baltimore.

Source: Seriously: White House Suggests More Gun Control In Strict Baltimore After Bloody Memorial Day Weekend – Katie Pavlich

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