The Democrats create New Math to explain their Economic Science

The language of science is math. Math is the immutable language of reality and truth, and therein lies its beauty. Physics, the most basic science, is written in the language of math and the other scientific disciplines are emergent frameworks based on the underlying physics of nature. You can think of math as the binary code in your laptop, physics as the operating system and biology, chemistry, geology as apps. Economics is also written in the language of math, and though more abstract than the hard sciences, it is a higher level emergent science and depends on the frameworks of the other applied sciences and the immutable properties of math.

Biden and most Democrats have redefined science as a popular belief that ignores math. “let’s look at the science” is the common statement from these politicians, many of whom do not understand or know what science is. They believe it is based on public opinion and common sense. The most obvious clue to the fact that few of these leaders understand science, and even fewer the underlying math, is their desire to tax our way out of debt.  This cannot be defended by any known math. To pay off your debt you have to have some money left from your income after you pay off all your bills. In an economy income is created by capital investment. If you want to generate income selling pizzas you have to invest in a store. The investment if successful will begin to generate wealth. If you can generate wealth faster than you spend it on costs and taxes you can invest in another pizza shop, and the cycle repeats. Capital creates wealth. If costs or taxes are too high you will never be able to generate enough capital to open another store. You will stagnate of decline. If you borrowed money to open your first store you will not be able to pay if off.

Small businesses are now being hit with a double whammy from Biden. Higher minimum wages and higher taxes. This means less available capital and less investment in any math new or old that you use. The rate of growth in the economy is opposite to that of the rate of taxation. Of course some tax is necessary, but at a low enough level new capital will be generated at a rate such that the tax base actually increases. The Democrats are missing one critical point. Investment is from free cash available after expenses and taxes, and this lies mostly in high income sectors – the sectors they wish to tax the most. A tax on capital gains is no different than fining people for making successful investments.  This discourages new investments and job growth and eventually results in a lower tax base overall. The math is immutable. Opinions about fairness and wealth distribution are not science and not based in any math that shows it can lead to the desired outcome. Examples abound, just look a Russia with an economy smaller than that of Texas and the failure of Venezuaela with some of the greatest natural wealth in the world lying under their feet. (more…)

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Biden’s Keystone Climate Screw Up a Boon for Russia

Biden Expected to Cancel Keystone XL PipelineBiden shut down the keystone pipeline to save the environment because we need to stop using oil. Most people agree with the last part,  we need to stop using oil, but didn’t anyone tell Biden that the oil is being transported by trucks and ships and trains to dirty refineries, and the Canadians are not going stop just because we don’t build a pipe that would transport it without polluting to cleaner refineries. According to Alberta Premier Kenny “This is a gut punch for the Canadian and Alberta economies. Sadly, it is an insult directed at the United States’ most important ally and trading partner on day one of a new administration.”

The Russians have been trying to stop the pipeline for years to protect their oil prices. Use of oil depends on demand, not on the supply. Clean refined oil from the pipeline will be replaced by dirty oil somewhere else.  This is basic economic science. We need to stop the demand, not the supply! Didn’t anyone learn anything from the war on drugs?  It is always the demand that counts.

The Canadians are not going to stop shipping the oil because we don’t build a pipeline. We need to enact executive orders to stop using oil. this is the worst kind of pathological science. We have years of basic economics telling us we need to shut the demand off to make a difference. Shutting down the pipeline makes it worse. It kills jobs in the northern states, and raises prices so more countries start producing more oil. no one is willing to even question it because they will be ostracized. Even though only 36% of Americans approve of this decision according to a Rasmussan pole, opposing viewpoints and dissenting views are no longer allowed so now we make bad decisions that hurt the environment and opposed by most Americans.

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Methane levels in the atmosphere are now rising at their fastest pace in decades – Vox

When scientists talk about the greenhouse gases that are causing global warming, they typically focus on far and away the most important one, carbon dioxide — which is emitted when humans burn fossil fuels or clear forests.  The world is actually making slow progress on CO2 — there’s been no growth in annual CO2 emissions for the past three years, thanks to a slowdown in coal burning in China.

Source: Methane levels in the atmosphere are now rising at their fastest pace in decades – Vox

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California’s Mega-Drought: Nuclear Power To The Rescue

The only facility in California that does not use any of California’s precious fresh water is the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant which desalinates ocean water for all of its freshwater needs, even running the nuclear reactors. But their desalination plant is only operating at 40% capacity. They can actually produce a million and a half gallons of fresh water a day, and can ramp up quickly to provide the additional 825,000 gallons of freashwater per day to the nearby community. Because the Canyon Diablo nuclear plant produces electricity at only 4¢/kWh, the desalination will cost a fraction of a cent per gallon, cheaper than any other desalination facility.

Source: California’s Mega-Drought: Nuclear Power To The Rescue

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Why New York’s Fracking Ban For Natural Gas Is “Unsustainable” – Forbes

This controversial decision by Governor Cuomo has even fueled secession talk by the southern part of the state that has sat idly by and watched neighbor Pennsylvania enjoy the huge economic benefits of shale development (as such, states like Texas and Oklahoma are banning fracking bans!). Fracking technology, after all, is a proven commodity that has been safely deployed for over 60 years in over a million wells – across the country to great success.

Source: Why New York’s Fracking Ban For Natural Gas Is “Unsustainable” – Forbes

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EPA Fracking Study: Drilling Wins

Finally, the Environmental Protection Agency has admitted what the oil and natural gas industry has been saying for more than 60 years: “Hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water sources.”EPA’s five-year-long study, requested by Congress, examined more than 950 pieces of information, including published papers and technical reports. While finding “potential vulnerabilities, some of which are not unique to hydraulic fracturing,” the report basically pronounces fracking safe.

Source: EPA Fracking Study: Drilling Wins

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Jeb’s climate nonsense: Believing climate science is “arrogance,” says the GOP “moderate”

There was a small and short-lived flurry of optimism a few months ago that perhaps Jeb Bush’s 2016 candidacy would represent a major shift in the Republican posture towards climate change. With the help of deep-pocketed fossil fuel interests, the GOP and the conservative movement have spent the past couple of decades dismissing and sneering at climate change science, casting it as a global left-wing conspiracy. But Jeb came out with some moderate-sounding rhetoric that a few eager and hopeful observers interpreted as a sign that he might actually be serious about climate change, or at least that he was less pig-headed about the science behind it than, say, Ted Cruz.

Source: Jeb’s climate nonsense: Believing climate science is “arrogance,” says the GOP “moderate” –

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If the world built nuclear power plants at the rate Sweden had, there would be no need for fossil fuels in 25 years

With all its cons and pros, at this time, nuclear power remains our best shot at decarbonizing the planet and ridding the world of its dependence of fossil fuel. During the 60s and 70s, many of the world’s governments, including France, the US or the USSR embarked on ambitious projects to electrify their nations using nuclear power. Accidents like those at Three Mile Island (1979), Chernobyl (1986) or Fukushima (2011) served to halt this rapid pace of deployment and even shift policy back to massive fossil fuel deployment. Anti-nuclear power public sentiment did little to help, of course. Considering that the combined power of solar, wind and hydropower can’t yet rid us of pesky oil and gas, wouldn’t it be better if we embraced nuclear nevertheless, with all its shortcoming (many of which have been addressed by modern technology)? Two researchers wondered if the world was to hypothetically shift in high nuclear gear, how long would it take to completely shelve fossil. Their analysis showed if we built nuclear power plants at the rate Sweden had between 1960-1990, this target would be reached within 25 years.

Source: If the world built nuclear power plants at the rate Sweden had, there would be no need for fossil in 25 years

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