Why are some in the liberal media falsely inflaming this story? They do not need to. The banning of the term ‘climate change’ by Florida officials is clear by now. There is no reason to embellish it with misleading stories by letting ideology distort reality. The Huffington Post, ran a story called ‘Florida Environmental Staffer Says He Was Reprimanded For Talking About Climate Change’, The Guardian called it “Florida employee ‘punished for using phrase climate change'”, The Washington Post called it “Fla. official says he was punished for using ‘climate change’ in report”

According to his reprimand, (read it yourself) it was not for using the term ‘climate change’ but for falsifying the results of a meeting, and for advocating against the Keystone pipeline on official documents. Whether the pipeline causes global warming or not is a political view, even though global warming and climate change are facts, it is not scientific consensus that Keystone will cause increased fuel use, only a shift in fuel use. Our position is that it may by making oil easier to get.

We have written and criticized about Florida officials for banning the term ‘climate change’ but the reports in the media about Mr. Barton Bibler are biased and misleading.  Not only did he advocate for a political view, he also misrepresented an agenda from another employee by erroneously including that climate change was part of the agenda where it was not.

The actual reprimand you can see here, and an excerpt below.:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 5.08.56 AM, Mar 20, 2015

As you can see he was reprimanded for advocating a political view, and falsely stating that climate change was discussed in a meeting where it was not. This does not fall under the claim of banning the use of the term ‘climate change’.