loch nessThis blog’s goal is to be politically neutral and and scientifically biased. We are skeptical of all data and conclusions, even our own, and will attempt to self correct as new information becomes available. After all, most published research findings are false.

Subjective views of reality contaminating news and politics, and are used by activists to sway public opinion. Conclusions about the same event depend on whether it was viewed by liberal or conservative writers and the degree of their bias. Some of the difference results from a pathological interpretation of the science to fit one’s values.  Any misinformation, misleading information, or missing information makes it easy to create designer conclusions. See the article on bogus science at quack watch.com.

Ignorance or lack of education can lead to political activism based on bad science, and it in return mislead public opinion. Like-minded individuals look for reports that fit their own values and reiterate the contents creating an impression of a factual report in place of a misguided opinion.  They ignore any report that contradicts their values. By selectively picking data they compromise objectivity.

We don’t deny our own self interest in exposing the pathological science in current topics, and we admit to not always knowing all of the facts, however our interest here is in striving to reveal the objective reality of these topics, or point out the subjective realities based on pathological science.