Biden signs order repealing transgender military banJust when I thought Biden could not do anything stupider then when he decided 100 divided by 100 was much greater than 1 divided by 1 about the rate of vaccinations against COVID I did some reading on his executive order titled “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation”.  This sounds like  a woke feel good initiative, after all protecting transgender rights is good. Actually it is the worst strike against women’s rights since before suffrage.

One of the fastest women in history, Allyson Felix holds the record in the women’s 400 meter and has several olympic medals and a model athlete for girl’s sports. She is really fast, but over 300 men have broken her record. Not only did they break her record, they did it while they were still in high school!  Well, they were not transgender, so you may think it is not a threat to women’s sports. After all not many high school boys change their gender. This, however, is where the insidiousness of wokeness comes in. It is an Presidential order, meaning it is a Federal statute and the Federal government allows anyone to self-identify as any gender or race they choose. Another gift from the woke Democrats.  So any high school boy just by saying he believes he is transgender can compete in any girls sport. Doesn’t the President have any advisors? This is brainless. He could easily have put some limitations on the friggin order. He is dangerous stupid making dictates without any real thought, science or basis.

This is the most significant blow to sports equality ever. I am sure in several years we will have forced education about the evils of male sports supremacy and why they need to teach men that  scientifically they are not really faster sprinters it is just the subversive right wing propaganda that makes them run faster.