Heartland Institute is Out of Touch with regard to scientific consensus on climate change


Joseph Bast, President of Heartland Institute

The media as a ‘manufacturer of doubt’ can have a negative impact on the belief by the public that there is a no scientific consensus when in fact there is one. A Wall Street Journal article “The Myth of Climate Change ‘97%'” challenges that there is a scientific consensus by manufacturing doubt with shady arguments. The opinion co-authored by Joseph Bast, President of the Heartland Institute[5], which is the “the primary American organization pushing climate change skepticism,” according to the New York Times.  They do not address whether climate change is real or not. Instead they focus on manufacturing doubt about scientific consensus. (more…)

‘Manufacturers of Doubt’ undermine public support for policies mitigating climate change

daf09a936076b46dac53bfa9ddd96669-origStrong scientific consensus will not generate public support for environmental policy, unless skeptical voices become almost silent.  Surveys have shown that perceptions of scientific dissent undermine public support for environmental policy[1]. Even a few vocal or organized scientific and media voices can cause a perception of uncertainty in the public, a tactic used by tobacco companies in the 50’s and 60’s to sway public opinion away from the dangers of smoking. A paper, since debunked as quackery, about vaccines and autism has led to 30% of the American public believing there is a connection according to PEW survey.[2] Likewise, organizations like the Heartland Institute[5] focus on manufacturing doubt about scientific consensus on climate change even though the scientific consensus on climate change approaches 97%.  (more…)

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is Out of Touch with Reality

rick_scottRichard “Rick” Lynn Scott receives an Out of Touch with Reality post for his policy of not allowing Florida Officials to use the terms ‘climate change’. We do give him credit for his  December 2012 plan to encourage students to pursue majors in engineering and science by reducing tuition for some majors. We hope this will end up compensating for his ignorance of science.


Florida officials solve ‘Climate Change’ by banning it

According to a report in the Florida Miami Herald by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, officials at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, DEP, claim they were told not to use the terms ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ in official communications, emails, or reports.

The policy was confirmed by other ex-employees, and neither the current DEP director Scott Steverson, nor ex-director Herschel Vinyard Jr. would comment on the issue.   They did not deny the policy which reportedly went into effect after Florida Governor Rick Scott took office. (more…)

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