Objective reality is the raw data of the universe independent of what is, or is not, going on in any person’s mind. Each person’s subjective reality depends on the meaning they give to their perception of objective reality. It is filtered by sensory response, biased by self interest, and limited by the ability to understand what is perceived.

img_1310The Earth was here before you were, and will be here afterward. It is approximately a sphere and revolves around the sun, which warms its surface. It exists independent of any one person’s reality, and is part of the raw data of objective reality. The warmth you feel on a sunny day is subjective. Others may find the day a little too hot, or a little chilly. ‘It’s cold outside’ is a subjective observation.

Truth is subjective. It is the alignment of what someone believes with what that person perceives.  Many published articles are not objective. Whether presented by news media, advocacy groups, or political organizations, they pass the facts they present through their own filter that ranges between radical liberal to ultra conservative filters.

A goal of science is to interpret our shared subjective experiences in terms of the underlying objective reality.  It is a search for the truth. It is imperfect, but self correcting by continually requiring that the truth be tested.  The idea of testing observations, and the constant attempt to falsify facts and theories has made the scientific quest for truth our most successful endeavor.

Everyday we see articles and reports by authors whose goal is to align our collective subjective reality with theirs. The goal of this site is to provide a critical look at articles that are inconsistent with our general consensus of the underlying objective reality.  How do we determine the reality of our observations?